Here we are in Scotland today. A nation colonised by wankers. Exactly what wankers Irvine Welsh’s loveable Mark Renton was alluding to is not clear. Sure, he specifies the English and their culture but there is much more to it than that. We are colonised not only by a failing union of nations, weighed heavily in favour of England but by profit seeking capitalists whose headquarters also reside in London. We are colonised by EU bureaucrats, who are hell-bent on pushing through secret trade deals to open up our colonising government to legal action from companies if they try to halt their ruthless search of profit. A chance comes in May to challenge this choking narrative and to put real independence back on the map. A chance we have not had since the 18th of September 2014 to truly rediscover the independence movement.

The independence referendum was much deeper than attempting to replace one flag flying above buildings with another flag with a much cleaner history. It was about the true freedom of Scotland. An opportunity to end our colonisation. To get rid of the wankers. An opportunity to implement radical ideas and to truly take control of our own destinies. This was a message that resonated particularly with the young people of the independence movement. However, The White Paper did not live up to the hopes of many, with independence being pinned on cutting corporation tax and the boom of the regressive and damaging fossil fuels industry. This vision is not one that was set out by the radical parties and organisations who were the real backbone of the independence movement. True independence is about creating a country not reliant on capitalism and big business. A country ran by the people of Scotland for the people.

We have a great opportunity on the 5th of May to put these radical voices to the forefront of Scottish politics again, those who will champion true independence from the businesses and put the people first. We have the unique opportunity in Scotland to vote with our hearts instead of voting tactically thanks to our second vote. RISE are a party that promises to put the young people in society to the forefront of politics, both with voices in Parliament and feet on the street. A unique form of guerrilla politics which puts protests and direct action coupled with radical policy at the heart of our movement makes RISE the party to truly represent young people and ensure that the radical messages of the independence movement are heard throughout Scotland.

RISE promises to fight for the right of the Scottish Parliament to call an independence referendum as opposed the Scottish Government’s position of relying on Westminster consent. We call for rent controls to help those struggling with rip-off landlords. In addition to traditional socialist policies we also call on investment in green energy, with a demand on the creation of 100,000 green jobs and the creation of 100,000 green homes for use as social housing. Let us put young people and those in precarious work first by demonstrating to an end of exploitative zero hours contracts both in Holyrood and with direct action. Let RISE represent you by carrying on the radical torch of true independence through the streets and into parliament.

There is a choice to make on the second ballot in May. Will you back the spirit of the independence movement, putting radical voices at the forefront of Scottish politics again? Will you back the call for real independence? Let’s go forward together and put true independence and your radical ideas on the map again in May.

– Jack O’Neill