I use the bus on a daily basis: going to work, travelling to city centre and meeting with friends. As I live far from city centre, when going to work or to west-end I need to use 2 buses. In order to do this, I sometimes buy the weekly bus pass, daypass or the monthy. Sometimes, I don’t have the correct change on me, so I end up putting 20/50p or £1. The buses I use are not in healthy conditions. Most of the seats are torn apart, smell horribe, and when it rains outside, it also rains inside too. During winter, which is most of the time in Scotland, the buses are freezing cold. Baring everything in mind, now, the fare prices has increased again.

This is called robbing people. The prices were already high and now by increasing the prices its going to effect everyone. Its going to effect those who are over 16 and considered to be adults and pay £4.50 for the daypass. Its going to effect the students who may not have enough amount for the weekly £15.50 pass. Its going to effect asylum seekers who get £36.95 a week and has to pay £4.50 for firstday. Increasing the fare prices is going to effect everyone. By adding extra 5/10p to bus fares will not benefit the people- sometime when I don’t have change on me, I end up paying more. Main question is, how far are the prices going to increase for? How far are we going to get robbed for?

While the rich is getting richer, as the Aberdeen-based multinational reported an 80% increase in profits last year to £105.8m, the people are paying more every day. We need to end this. We cannot pay anymore and watch the rich profiting from our struggle. We need First Bus to scrap the latest fare increase and give voice for the passengers to establish what they can truly afford. We need the Scottish Governemnt to enact legislation to re-regulate bus services across Scotland meaning removal of contacts from profiteers like First Bus, Stagecoach or Mcgill’s. Through this way, the people can create a platform for publicly owned and democratically run bus companies.